Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Seamstress Clothing Projects

 The Christmas Apron was constructed using a Christmas themed denim shirt.  I cut off the arms and the back and sewed fabric and a ribbon waistband onto the shirt for a skirt.
 I used to make cancer caps and medical scrub caps.

 The gray shirt is one that I added side gussets into the side seams.  The t-shirt was way too small, but I loved the pattern and wanted to enlargen it.
 I cut, constructed and sewed the silk green shirt about 15 years ago.
The white halter dress was found at a tag sale and was originally a size 3X!  I am only a size 4 -6.  I took it WAY IN!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Creamy Orange Icing

**This was originally posted on the Made Just Right website.

1/4cup(s)Earth Balance Butter
  • 1cup(s)powdered sugar
  • 1tbsp.soy milk
  • 1tsp.orange juice or extract
  • 2drops red food coloring
  • 2drops yellow food coloring

  • Saturday, January 21, 2012

    Bridesmaid Bouquet Becomes a Valentine's Day Decoration

    You've saved your bridesmaid bouquet. It's pretty, it cost
    someone a lot of money...it's a keepsake. But it's takiing up
    SPACE doing nothing. I chose to turn mine into a pretty
    Valentine's Day decoration.
    Using my wire cutters, I cut off all the flowers and greenery.
    The bow on the bouquet was hot glued on, so I wasn't able to
    salvage it unfortunately.
    Then, I glued my greenery on first, then added the largest
    roses next. Fill in the spaces with the smaller flowers.
    And my wall hanging is complete in about 1 hour.
    I also added a multistrand necklace that I never
    wear. I think it gives my decoration some elegance.

    Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Make A Valentine's Day Tree!

    I made this tree using red wood beaded strands from Christmas,
    red beads and wire to create heart ornaments, and recycled
    Valentine's Day greeting cards and ribbon.

    Monday, June 28, 2010

    An Old Bedspread Gets New Life

    I'm decorating and re-sewing my porch chair cushions this summer. Rather than buy all new cushions or even all new fabrics, I decided to give new life to an old bedspread. The bedspread was sitting in my attic in a plastic bag...it's still beautiful, but we weren't going to use it because there are a few rips in it. However, it's perfect material for a chair cushion cover. I sewed the ball trim onto the right side of the chair cushion fabric first.

    Next I sewed the rest of the bedspread section to the wrong side of the cushion. The ball trim was tucked neatly inside, already having been sewn. The padding is also inside at this point.

    Lastly, I turned all layers right side out and sewed up one of the short sides. Voila! A new reversible porch chair cushion.

    Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    Come See My Cottage Style Front Porch

    This summer I'm decorating my city house front porch in a beach cottage/shack theme. Maybe you've seen and read about the latest trend in outdoors decorating...take the indoor furniture and accessories outdoors. So that's what you see in these photos. I love this trend because it's practical and I'm using items that I kept hidden in my attic or in a closet. Best of all, I'm saving a ton of money!
    The front porch swing was cozied up with two quilted pillow shams. I stuffed them with thin bed pillows and tossed them onto the swing.
    The "stained glass" pictures above the swing were made by me with Gallery glass. You'll also notice on the right side of the picture a bucket of silk flowers and some Florida themed books.

    Using my colorful seashell collection and a vintage St. Augustine serving tray! The shells and sand are in a glass bowl right now. I'm going to get a silver galvanized pail and use that as a container instead.

    My Florida themed books. Yes, my dogs chewed up one of the books! So, althought my lighthouse book isn't perfect enough for an indoor coffee table...it's perfect on an informal front porch!

    And finally I'm able to use my turquoise empty wine bottle that I couldn't bring myself to throw away. The glass is too beautiful!

    Maybe you've seen or heard the latest trend in outdoors decorating...bring your indoor furniture and accessories outdoors. That's what I've been doing...and I'm saving a bundle of $$ too!