Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stickers Were Big Business in the 80s

I saved my sticker album from the 1980s. Are you old enough to remember any of these?
Notice how many stickers were created to promote toys, products, movies, or artists. Stickers were big business in the 1980s. I saved smelly stickers, or stinky stickers as some called them. I also saved puffy stickers, Hallmark stickers, Greeting card stickers and more.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet The Teton Cocoa Company on Etsy!

Meet Teton Cocoa Company on Etsy! Pictured is their pumpkin spice hot cocoa mix.
Looks SOOOOOO Good!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Magic Swaddling Blanket is done!

This homemade blanket is made from 1 yard pieces of fabric. One cotton yard is the top, one flannel yard is the bottom. Both are quilted together with NO fiberfill in between. I finish off the ends with a large satin blanket tape.
I call it a magic swaddling blanket because this style of blanket was extremely helpful to swaddle my infant daughter and coax her into going to sleep! I used similar swaddling blankets like this in conjunction with a book called The Happiest Baby On The Block. The book tells how to swaddle and "shush" a fussy baby to go to sleep.
This blanket is also the perfect size for a growing infant.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Life to Old Wire Hangers

My grandmother saved newspapers from the 1960s. My father had a paper route back then. Whatever he didn't deliver, they stored in the basement.

It always seemed like such a waste to me to hang designer clothes on ratty wire hangers. You know the ones in the closet that the white paper is tearing from use after use?

So I upcycled my old hangers and gave them new life with these 1960s fashions found in the old newspapers. It's a great way to look at the artist drawings every day, and perfectly functional!
This was pretty simple. I tore off the white paper from a hanger, opened it up, and used it as my pattern. The key to using newspapers is that the pages have to be double wide. The hanger is too long for a single page.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Still Decoupaging!

I created a Barbie box to house all of my daughter's Barbie accessories. The pictures were part of a brochure intended for customers who might buy the high end designer dolls. I never bought a doll, but I kept the brochure for over 15 years!
The second picture is of a travel photo album that is currently for sale on Artfire. The cover was decoupaged using Marie Claire magazine pages.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Latest Decoupage Projects

I love to decoupage. I've recently come to this conclusion.
Decoupage feels like the grown up version of the elementary school art class ritual of cutting and pasting magazines.
It also seems to me the decoupage is an eco friendly craft because I'm recycling my fashion magazines into something a little more useable.
I also have labeled decoupage "the poor man's craft" because it's so cheap to do!
Just about all of these projects will end up in my Etsy and Artfire stores.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Barbie Poster Decoupage Project

This is my real first attempt at decoupage. You'd think I would have chosen a simpler project. In my mind this was real simple....but it's getting more complicated every day!

The bubbles and creases were nerve-racking. Some of them faded out, others have stayed in. Fortunately, in these pictures you can't tell.

This is a plain purse that I decided to try to decoupage. My decoupage medium is Aleene's Tacky Glue, Elmer's Glue and a little bit of water. Once the poster is glued on nice and tight, I'll switch to just Elmer's glue and water to do the top layering.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boring T-Shirt Transformation

This was a boring silky navy blue t-shirt from Petite Sophisticate. Now it's a very stylish sleeveless tank. The transformation makes me want to go out and buy the most boring t-shirts I can find!
Basically, borrowing on an idea that I read about in 99 Ways to Transform a T-shirt (your local library may have a copy - that's where I got mine.) I measured 1 1/2 inches from the neckline, then cut 2 inches downward from the top of the shirt, close to the neckline. When I reached the end of my 2 inches, I cut diagonally to the bottom of the sleeve. Repeat on the other side.
So then I had sleeves left over. I marked off 1 1/2 inch wide by about 2 inches tall rectangles. Those rectangles got glued with quick drying Fabri-tac to the front of my t-shirt. I started in the middle of my shirt and worked my way upward, overlapping rectangles. Voila, I'm done!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Simple Way to Restyle an Old T-shirt

I needed a change from the boring OLD ( I stress Old) t-shirts that I've accumulated over the years. You know the ones you pick up while on vacation or from participating in a walk or jog-a-thon? I came up with this style myself. I cut the heck out of it!
This t-shirt started out as a high neck, square sleeves, non-figure flattering cotton t-shirt. It was a BRIGHT yellow when I bought it. Time and washings have faded it. But, I wasn't ready to give up on my St. Augustine t-shirt. The embroidery is still good, and the shirt has no I restyled it.
I actually cut off the neckline, cut the back off ( a little more than I should have) cut off the bottom hem, and cut off the sleeves. The new neckline is gathered with 3 pleats and the bottom hem became the top trim of the shirt. I left the bottom unfinished. The nice thing about t-shirts is the hems roll naturally. I did finish the sides of the chest area by turning them under and sewing close to the edge.
You can find more simple ideas to restyle your wardrobe at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recycled Capri Sun Pouch Totes

My Aunt Laurie made these two matching Capri Sun Totes for my daughter and I. I save all of Sarah's used capri sun bags and turn them over to my Aunt. The tote bags are great to use at the beach. Someone also asked me if they would insulate well. Possibly. My Aunt leaves the tops open with no closures, so you'd have to add a zipper or something.

Don't you love the grasshopper green handles?

Monday, August 3, 2009

David Grohl Alley, Warren, Ohio

The Warren Tribune Chronicle covered the full story.

I've showing you pictures of David Grohl Alley located in Warren, Ohio. The Alley is exactly located parallel to West Market Street, between North Park Avenue and Main Street. From North Park Avenue it starts next to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, runs past the downtown parking garage, and ends onto Main Street in front of the Burger King.
I did not attend the dedication ceremony August 1, 2009. How I would have loved to have been there!
Dave Grohl did come to Warren that day. He received a key to the City of Warren, met the artists who did all the artwork, and played a few songs during the Music Is Art Festival that was going on that week. The Warren Tribune Chronicle tells the story in full depth. The first article was July 31, 2009 - one day notice to all his fans that he was coming to town!
This article talks about the Music Is Art Festival.

Today is August 3, 2009. I walked the entire Alley and took over 30 pictures. I'll be uploading them into Flickr.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick California Rolls

I love California Rolls! I used to make them with the help of a kit that I bought from Waldens Books for $8.00. That was before my daughter was born.

After she was born, I didn't have time to cut up each individual vegetable, plus boil and wait on the rice...not supposed to use Minute Rice afterall! Living without California Rolls was not an option! So, I needed to come up with a quicker way to make my California Rolls.

I know you're supposed to use rice vinegar to make the rice sticky...yah, yah, yah...I didn't have any of that either.

So, my new method is to use fried white rice and cook in chopped chinese frozen veggies that I cut up with my food processor.

I still use my Nori wrappers...I buy them from Tops Market. $2.10 last I knew.

Basically, I fry up my rice and chopped veggies, wait for them to cool a little, spread the whole mixture onto my Nori wrapper, maybe add some chopped avacado...then tightly roll it up with my bamboo mat.

Don't forget the most important part, and that's to "squish" the roll width wise square so it's easier to chop up. My ends are normally sloppy, so I throw them into a bowl to have as a bowl of fried rice and veggies later.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Epcot Landscapes