Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's tax time!

It's tax time! My husband is an accountant and tax preparer. He keeps me organized and takes care of all my books. I used to do it myself in Excel. Quickbooks is also a great system if you have the sales volume to justify buying the program.
He's certainly willing to take on more artist clients if any of you need a specialist who knows about the crafts business. In fact, One of his clients sells jewelry and travels extensively. He's never met her. Her bookkeeper mails all her paperwork and receipts to him, he prepares the taxes, then sends them back with an invoice. It's worked for years.
Thanks to e-mail, faxes, internet, FEDEX...there's really no reason you have to work with an accountant in your hometown. Especially if you don't like the one you've got!
My husband will answer ALL of your questions...and he has a personality... give him a call or e-mail him if you want a free consultation.
Herko's Tax & Accounting
P.O. Box 26, Warren, Ohio 44482 or physical address 334 Bonnie Brae Avenue N.E., Warren, Oh 44483 Phone 941-302-7936. e-mail is herko'

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