Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Barbie trading cards trashion project is under way!

I love a good trashion project! I'm finally beginning work on my Barbie trading cards trashion tote bag/purse.
I have had these Barbie trading cards since the late 1980s...moved them with me everywhere I went...across the country twice...I'm so glad to finally be able to show them off in a different kind of USEFUL way.
I'm simply using clear contact paper to adhere my trading cards together.
I ran out of clear contact paper after making one panel...I've used this clear contact paper for other projects involving brochures and newspaper pages. So I ran to Target today and bought more contact paper.
I think this roll of contact paper can be used to cover at least 3 - 4 various sizes of papers.
My first project was to cover a Wicked newspaper ad and turn it into a purse. The purse sold in about 2 weeks. I am still kicking myself that I didn't buy up 20 copies of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that day! That ad was amazing.
The second project involved Geneva-On-The-Lake, Ohio brochures and converting two of them into placemats for our kitchen table.
The 3rd project is my Barbie tote, which I was only able to make one side panel with. So I ran and bought another roll.
I'll ad more pictures of my progress as I continue this week.


  1. That is an amazing ad. I love the barbie trading cards - time to take advantage of the 50 year anniversary!