Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peruvian Blue Opal them!

I discovered Peruvian blue opal gemstones by accident. I first fell in love with green apple chrysoprase heart shaped briolettes...but they're pricey! So, I did a search on blue gemstones, and came across these from Uncommonbeads on
Uncommonbeads sold me 10 for about $3.00. They selected beads at random. I was able to make two pairs of earrings with about 8 gemstone beads. I had two beads left that didn't quite match in tone, so I e-mailed Uncommonbeads and asked them to do an exchange for me if I paid all shipping costs. To my surprise, they said, "How about if I just send you a few more, no extra charge?" Heck, yah!
I'm still in awe of this brilliant blue color every time I look at them.
I've priced my earrings to sell quickly...kind-of surprised they haven't already. If not, they'll make wonderful Christmas gifts.


  1. that blue opal is gorgeous. I'm following u now. Let us know how the layaway thing works for you. Best wishes

  2. OK. a) love awesome etsy sellers. b) those are a wonderful color.