Thursday, March 19, 2009

No-sew bedroom netting canopy

This no-sew netting canopy worked up in about one hour. I purchased a dozen yards of yellow tulle, but didn't need to use all of it.
I measured and then cut 3 pieces of 100 inch tulle sections.
Then at the top of each tulle section, starting in the middle, I cut a line 16 inches long - so now I had two pieces to grab and tie onto my straw wreath. I tied all three sections onto the wreath. And I fluffed up the part that got tied, on top of the wreath, to look like a tulle flower.
Next, I found a yellow ribbon that I had saved. I cut 3 sections, about 22 inches long for each. I tied them on too!
The last part involved me hot gluing greenery and flowers onto the wreath.
Then my husband hung the canopy. He had to screw it into a beam in the ceiling because my daughter pulled it down within 1 minute the first time!( She's a toddler.)