Friday, April 24, 2009

How I recycle my plastic bags

I've come up with some creative ways to recycle my plastic bags. It always seemed like such a shame to me to throw them away. Especially the Gymboree bags that are adorable and colorful...and we have a store here in Niles, Ohio called Captain McFinn. It's located inside our Eastwood Mall. They have white opague bags with bright blue metallic lettering. So I got inspired to make my bags into something more useful.
Here's the story behind the kite. The original kite was bought at the Dollar Store. It was made of thin plastic, just like plastic bags are. I was flying the Dollar Store kite the other day and it got ripped in my rose bush. It seemed like such a shame to throw away the rest of the kite because the back support rods and the string were still fine.
I quickly traced the old kite onto an extra large Dunkin Donuts bag, cut it out with scissors, and taped the support rods from the old kite onto the Dunkin Donuts kite with scotch tape. To my surprise, the scotch tape holds up just fine! I've been flying the new kite all afternoon and it's just fine. And we've had a VERY WINDY day here.
The Gymboree bag became a tote bag. As I mentioned before, I couldnt' stand the thought of throwing it away. So, I lined the back with clear vinyl contact paper, then sewed the sides and bottom together with white bias tape. I also bought cotton tote bag handles from JoAnn Fabrics. I think it'll make a great beach bag.

Thursday, April 2, 2009 is free

I needed to create a better banner for my Etsy store. I asked my brother Michael if he knew of a program that was inexpensive and that could allow me to type on my photographs. He suggested
I said, "Well, I have Paint in my computer already. It came with the software."
He said, "No, no. This is a different program."
The Paint software in my computer is very limited as to what it can do. But, I like that it's easy to navigate. I use it to skew my pictures, mostly.
I went to and that wasn't the correct website. Fortunately, it redirected me to
I was thrilled to see is a totally free downloadable program. It was created by some grad students who were mentored by Microsoft. Currently, the program relys on donations. They have a PayPal button so you can donate what you can afford.
Truthfully, both Paint and Get Paint programs look similar to me, but GetPaint does so much more.

Why I love white tissue paper.

I read another photographer's blog recently...found him in the Etsy Critique or Business forums...he suggested using white tissue paper to photograph subjects.
I've been taping white tissue paper up to any window in the house with some sunlight. I have to say, I like what I'm seeing!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009