Thursday, April 2, 2009 is free

I needed to create a better banner for my Etsy store. I asked my brother Michael if he knew of a program that was inexpensive and that could allow me to type on my photographs. He suggested
I said, "Well, I have Paint in my computer already. It came with the software."
He said, "No, no. This is a different program."
The Paint software in my computer is very limited as to what it can do. But, I like that it's easy to navigate. I use it to skew my pictures, mostly.
I went to and that wasn't the correct website. Fortunately, it redirected me to
I was thrilled to see is a totally free downloadable program. It was created by some grad students who were mentored by Microsoft. Currently, the program relys on donations. They have a PayPal button so you can donate what you can afford.
Truthfully, both Paint and Get Paint programs look similar to me, but GetPaint does so much more.

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  1. Thanks for such a wonderful tip! I'm way too cheap to invest in some of those programs. I LOVE FREE!