Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Recycled Capri Sun Pouch Totes

My Aunt Laurie made these two matching Capri Sun Totes for my daughter and I. I save all of Sarah's used capri sun bags and turn them over to my Aunt. The tote bags are great to use at the beach. Someone also asked me if they would insulate well. Possibly. My Aunt leaves the tops open with no closures, so you'd have to add a zipper or something.

Don't you love the grasshopper green handles?

Monday, August 3, 2009

David Grohl Alley, Warren, Ohio

The Warren Tribune Chronicle covered the full story.

I've showing you pictures of David Grohl Alley located in Warren, Ohio. The Alley is exactly located parallel to West Market Street, between North Park Avenue and Main Street. From North Park Avenue it starts next to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, runs past the downtown parking garage, and ends onto Main Street in front of the Burger King.
I did not attend the dedication ceremony August 1, 2009. How I would have loved to have been there!
Dave Grohl did come to Warren that day. He received a key to the City of Warren, met the artists who did all the artwork, and played a few songs during the Music Is Art Festival that was going on that week. The Warren Tribune Chronicle tells the story in full depth. The first article was July 31, 2009 - one day notice to all his fans that he was coming to town!
This article talks about the Music Is Art Festival.

Today is August 3, 2009. I walked the entire Alley and took over 30 pictures. I'll be uploading them into Flickr.