Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Simple Way to Restyle an Old T-shirt

I needed a change from the boring OLD ( I stress Old) t-shirts that I've accumulated over the years. You know the ones you pick up while on vacation or from participating in a walk or jog-a-thon? I came up with this style myself. I cut the heck out of it!
This t-shirt started out as a high neck, square sleeves, non-figure flattering cotton t-shirt. It was a BRIGHT yellow when I bought it. Time and washings have faded it. But, I wasn't ready to give up on my St. Augustine t-shirt. The embroidery is still good, and the shirt has no I restyled it.
I actually cut off the neckline, cut the back off ( a little more than I should have) cut off the bottom hem, and cut off the sleeves. The new neckline is gathered with 3 pleats and the bottom hem became the top trim of the shirt. I left the bottom unfinished. The nice thing about t-shirts is the hems roll naturally. I did finish the sides of the chest area by turning them under and sewing close to the edge.
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