Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Come See My Cottage Style Front Porch

This summer I'm decorating my city house front porch in a beach cottage/shack theme. Maybe you've seen and read about the latest trend in outdoors decorating...take the indoor furniture and accessories outdoors. So that's what you see in these photos. I love this trend because it's practical and I'm using items that I kept hidden in my attic or in a closet. Best of all, I'm saving a ton of money!
The front porch swing was cozied up with two quilted pillow shams. I stuffed them with thin bed pillows and tossed them onto the swing.
The "stained glass" pictures above the swing were made by me with Gallery glass. You'll also notice on the right side of the picture a bucket of silk flowers and some Florida themed books.

Using my colorful seashell collection and a vintage St. Augustine serving tray! The shells and sand are in a glass bowl right now. I'm going to get a silver galvanized pail and use that as a container instead.

My Florida themed books. Yes, my dogs chewed up one of the books! So, althought my lighthouse book isn't perfect enough for an indoor coffee's perfect on an informal front porch!

And finally I'm able to use my turquoise empty wine bottle that I couldn't bring myself to throw away. The glass is too beautiful!

Maybe you've seen or heard the latest trend in outdoors decorating...bring your indoor furniture and accessories outdoors. That's what I've been doing...and I'm saving a bundle of $$ too!

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