Sunday, June 6, 2010

How To Reuse Those Gaudy 80s Earrings

Maybe you have them in your jewelry box or your mother's jewelry
box...those gaudy 80s earrings! I gave away all of mine years ago.
I found some fun fish and parrot earrings in a thrift store recently.
I decided to make a fun purse for my daughter.

This first picture above is the purse when it was all done.
Gaudy, gaudy colorful 80s earrings!
Here's all my tools, earrings, beads and the orange purse.
My jewelry making tools always include wire cutters, 2 needle nose
pliers and flat nose pliers. I used gold colored jump rings to attach
some iridescent circles to the purse.

I didn't have to use my wire cutters much in this project. My needle
nose pliers did most of the work opening jump rings and taking apart

This orange purse was sewn with clear plastic thread. I used my
large sewing needles to lift the thread and attach my gold colored jump
rings with fish and beads.
Lastly, I made my own beaded trim with earring pieces and blue
ribbon. I attached the beaded ribbon to the purse with Fabri
Tac quick drying glue. I love that stuff!

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